Thursday, 20 November 2014

That World

You said you're tired..
Tired of `that world`
The world that normal to us
But not to others.

You want to take a rest
Trying to pretend you're not belong to that world.

I can understand that,
I feel the same
A lot of us feel the same way you do.

We all want to leave that world one day.
It was everyone dreams.

You take a rest from me too...

You once told me, you want to be my BFF..
But...i dont think that the case now..

I keep wondering why??
I've tried to be positive..
But...i think, im not the optimist.

Just one question in my mind..
If one day, you're manage to leave 'that world'...
Will you leave me to??

P/s :Hoping for the best...preparing for the worst...
P/s :please ignore the grammar mistakes...hahahah